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How Can You Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

How Can You Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

How Can You Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

It is very disheartening to accept the fact that the rate of people committing suicide has increased drastically all around the nation. Statistics surrounding suicide is horrifying, which suggests that more than 50K Indians commit suicide every year. With such a huge number of people committing suicide every year, it has become critical than ever to pull the matter of suicide out of the shadow. We all must take a step forward to help people who are suicidal. But, the question is how we can help suicidal people? Well, the answer to this question lies in this blog post. Keep scrolling down to find out how.

1 – Remove the stigma

First and foremost, the stigma associated with suicide and other mental health disorders must be removed for good. Communication is one of the most important keys to prevent suicide. Because of the stigma associated with suicide, many people keep their suicidal thoughts within themselves, which otherwise could have communicated their thoughts with someone they trust upon. If you get suicidal thoughts, know that you do not have to remain silent or be ashamed of it. You must speak about the state of your mental health with your loved ones, or with a professional psychiatrist. Suicidal thought is a mental health condition that can be effectively treated.

2 – Learn the warning signs

We have encountered many people who wonder how they are supposed to be sure that a person is suicidal. Well, if you pay close attention to someone you doubt to be suicidal, you should be able to recognize the warning signs. Some of the most obvious signs include, but not limited to isolating oneself, extremely self-hating thoughts, hopelessness, rage and irritability, feeling trapped, risk-taking behavior, disturbed sleep patterns, pulling away from friends and family, and that’s just the beginning. When you notice these warning signs in a person, know that it is time for you to be alert, and offer your help to them.

3 – Learn how to reach out and connect

After you recognize the warning signs of a suicidal person, it is time for you to extend your help to them. In the very first place, you should try to speak to them regarding their issues. Help them realize that you are there to help them in every circumstance. When a person is on the verge of the killing of himself or herself, you should leave no stones unturned to help them in every possible way. If the conditions get out of your control, do not shy away from seeking professional help.

Final Words

Recognizing the warning signs of suicide is very critical in order to prevent suicide. Once, you recognize it, there are many other things that you can do to help someone with suicidal thoughts. We hope the above-mentioned steps would help you save lives.