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Major Signs of Depression

Major Signs of Depression

Major Signs of Depression

Each one of us experience ups and downs in life. This is normal. But when a person feels prolonged periods of sadness, then this is termed as depression. Before it takes a serious end, you should consult a psychiatrist for depression treatment in Bhopal.  

Some of the significant kinds of depression are as follows: 

  • Major Depression: This type of depression is also known as clinical distress, unipolar disorder, and recurrent depressive disorder. This mental disorder is associated with a prolonged and all-time low mood state. It is a characteristic of low self-esteem, and also this person doesn’t feel any form of happiness in their day to day activities. 
  • Chronic Depression: This type of depression is also known as dysthymia. Chronic depression is a characteristic of being in the depression state of mind for at least two years. There can occur some of the occasions when the person suffering from chronic depression can feel alright, but these moods do not last for just a week. People suffering from it can feel the symptoms of low self-esteem, poor concentration, insomnia, hypersomnia, irritability and low levels of energy.  
  • Atypical Depression: This type of depression is a sub-type of major depression and dysthymia. A person suffering from this type of depression may feel many symptoms which are same as the major depression and dysthymia.  
  • Postpartum Depression: This type of depression is generally triggered by the women post childbirth. This results in the number of hormonal changes and also they have trouble in adjustments to the motherhood.  
  • Bipolar Depression: People suffering from episodes of depression of a very high mood can be referred to as mania. This type of depression is also termed as manic distress.  
  • Seasonal Depression: People suffering from seasonal depression may only experience depressive states only at the time of winter or summer. This is also termed as SAD or Seasonal Effective Disorder.  
  • Psychotic Depression: In this type of depression, a person suffering from it may experience extreme distress and they literally lose complete touch with the reality and also suffer from many functional impairments.